Espionage was nothing new to Captain Larry McGraw and the crew of the USS Charlotte, a Los Angeles–class fast attack submarine. But this mission certainly was. Docked onto the hull of his sub was the new, state-of-the-art Advanced SEAL Delivery System, complete with 16 highly trained SEALs. Orders from the White House were simple, yet clear. Penetrate the Bo Hai Bay–a mere hundred miles from Beijing–and linger while the SEALS conduct nighttime missions. Simple, as long as they weren’t detected. But if spotted inside the shallow bay, the orders were clear. McGraw couldn’t let the Charlotte or the ASDS fall into Chinese hands, even if it meant destroying both.


The President knew he’d made a mistake. Three Chinese warships were lying on the bottom of the Yellow Sea, along with four hundred dead sailors. China was retaliating by dumping stocks and bonds, causing financial markets to plummet and war with the rising superpower appeared imminent. In a desperate attempt to conceal the botched mission from the world, the President orders survivors of the USS Charlotte to be hidden inside the Pentagon’s Dilorenzo Health Clinic and directs Secretary of State Claire Haskett to negotiate a settlement with Ambassador Chen Feng. As negotiations began, one survivor escapes and the President recruits senate staffer Cal Stockton to rein him in. Stockton follows his directives until he realizes a massive cover-up is underway and he is forced into CHOOSING SIDES.

Author Laney is responsible for my two nearly sleepless nights. I got so wrapped up in the submarine, USS Charlotte, and its crew on the secret mission into a bay in China, that I just had to keep reading until the end. .As a civilian whose dived aboard several subs and spent a day on another one, I found the accuracy of the terminology — and actions of Charlotte’s commanding officer and other sailors — to be excellent. Another bonus: Charlotte’s Navy SEALs and their mini-sub//underwater delivery vehicle. Washington politicians should read this book! As for the ending appearing to be abrupt, I suspect Laney’s upcoming novel will tie up loose ends from Time Bomb Ticking for which I give a Bravo Zulu.

Nancy "Sub Sister"

Look deep into the story … Fiction, but a great deal of fact … Again, as in the 1st book, I couldn’t wait to get to the last page… Yes, murder and deceit runs through out the book!