Happy Columbus Day Folks!

2713923545_43e759fd94I have always been  a fan of Christopher Columbus and would like to share a short excerpt from a letter he wrote on his fourth voyage. If you would like to read the whole letter you can click on this link: columbus-letter-from-the-fourth-voyage.

In the month of January, the mouth of the river silted up. In April, the ships were all wormeaten, and it was impossible to keep them above water. At this time, the river made a channel, by which with difficulty I brought out three empty. The boats went back into the river for salt and water. The sea became high and rough and did not allow them to come out.

Photo credit: steeljam via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

The Indians were many and gathered together and attacked them, and in the end they slew them. (more…)