The ASDS—Advanced SEAL Delivery System

Hello Die-Hard Patriots!  Today I would like to talk about the ASDS. “The what?” you say. The ASDS. Here are two short clips from my first novel, Time Bomb Ticking.

Image result for ASDS minisub“The ASDS—Advanced SEAL Delivery System—was a 65- foot long, 8-foot wide minisub designed to ride piggyback on the Charlotte’s hull. It attached to specially built docking pylons with a collar that allowed underwater access between the vessels.”

“She can move a 16-member SEAL team, complete with equipment, to land or sea locations we couldn’t reach otherwise. And then we have the lock-in, lock-out chamber. Being able to quickly enter and exit at will while we’re submerged without making any noise is like waking up in the Playboy Mansion for us SEALs.”

ASDS History

So now you know what the ASDS is, but here are a few interesting tidbits you might not know. (more…)