Hello Die-Hard Patriots!

My second book Choosing Sides takes place in Washington DC and exposes stock market manipulations by the Chinese in retaliation for the failed mission into the Bo Hai Bay. Both Time Bomb Ticking and Choosing Sides create a scenario that highlights the threat of our national debt and the constraints it imposes on us as a superpower. Today the national debt stands at a whopping 19.736 trillion dollars.
To pay it off, each and every US citizen would have to pay $60,777.00 dollars. And remember folks, that’s only to pay off past expenditures, not future liabilities. The debt is projected to top 20.1 trillion in FY 2017, and so on and so on. As a fiscal conservative, I’m opposed to any national debt, except in time of war. That means we need to hold our elected leaders accountable for balancing future budgets by taxing more or spending less. I prefer the latter because it bridles politicians from spending someone else’s money, a feat they master without breaking a sweat. So let’s assume “We the People” rally and force them to balance the budget. That still leaves us with 19.736 trillion in debt, with interest accumulating by the second. How would you suggest we pay it off?

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